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Podcasts available for Purchase - from our workshops and Mini-Series Luncheons

The "Buy Now" links below will take you to - where you can review the details, and submit payment for the download of your choice. Most podcasts will include an Adobe Reader compatible PDF file, so you'll have the speaker's handouts to follow along with the audio program.

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Check back - our inventory will be growing!
Program   Healthcare Reform/ACA - Impact on Practice
 Price $20.oo 
Date  May 2, 2014 
Includes  full audio - mp3 - and all handouts 

Program  Innovative Marketing - David Diana 
 Price  $30.00
 Date  November 2013
 Includes  Full audio program [mp3] - all handouts and resource links

Program    Meet the DSM-5
 Price  $50.00
 Date  May 31, 2013
 Includes  mp3 & PDF - for all 3 speakers
 Buy it now link  

 Program What's Blowing in the
Regulatory Wind
 Price  $10.00
 Date  Spring 2013
 Includes  mp3 & PDF
 Buy it now link  

 Program  Writing a Professional Will
 Price  $10.00
 Date  Feb. 8, 2013
 What's included:  sound file and PDF/handouts
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Item Name: Infertility Mini-Series (June 2008)

Price: $10.00
Date Created: : 6/22/2010
File Location: Infertility.mp3, infertilityhandouts.pdf, APPTInformation.pdf

 Item  Ethics in the Electronic Age: Spring Conference 2012
 Price  20.00
 Date  6/8/2012
 Files   kraft_ethicselectronics.pdf,robertkraft-ethicselectronics.mp3,robertschartz-subpoenaprocess.mp3,schartz_subpoena_process.pdf

Item Name: Casey Truffo: Be a Wealthy Therapist

This is the full audio program, with handouts, from the May 2011 APPT Spring Conference
Price: $75.00
Affiliate Fee: None
Date Created: : 8/1/2011
File Location: Spring2011CaseyTruffoPt1.mp3, spring2011caseytruffopt2.mp3, truffohandouts.pdf

Item Name: Writing a Professional Will

Price: $10.00
Date: 2/8/13
File Location: null

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